What is Coaching? What is a Coach?

FIRST, it's important to know that anyone can call themselves a coach, regardless of their education or lack thereof

Unlike psychologists, and professional counselors, there is no government oversight on what a coach is, what coaching should entail, or how a person should coach. There's no license.  

So, here's what my coaching is.

Coaching is, simply put, me helping you change in the way you want to change, in the direction you want to go. It's helping you to meet your goals.

What are you trying to do? What have you been trying to do? Where are you stuck? There's where I come in.

So what do I have to offer?

I have access to a wide array of psychological testing, because of my licensure, that will help you and I, together, gain insight into some of your processes and the rules that govern what, how, and why you've been going things the way you do them. From this, you and I will be able to learn how to maximize your potential.  

Coaching is not therapy, but I may occasionally borrow from my years of experience as a cognitive behavioral therapist to help you make changes that get you closer to your goals. 
There is no diagnosis, and so progress notes are minimal and kept between you and your coach. Insurance doesn't pay for it. 

Coaching, however, involves work. Just like the coaching you associate with sports, coaching involves homework and practice.

Most importantly, you are the expert, not me. You just don't know it. I help provide some guidance to uncover what you already know, and what you already can do.